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How to register with Care Dynamics as a Healthcare Worker

To register as a Healthcare Worker you will need:

Two forms of ID:
Passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licence (paper and card). 3 are required if you are a Nurse.

Your Visa / proof of right to work in this country – if applicable.

One passport photograph.

Two proofs of your current address:
– less than three months old
– for example a utility bill, bank statement or mobile ‘phone bill.

NI Number: 
– this must be on an official document of some kind
– less than 3 months old.

Contact details for references:
– work references covering at least last 2 years.

Any relevant training certificates.

Your current Disclosure and Barring Service check, if you have one.

A List of all your addresses for the past 5 years, with relevant dates.

We need this information to apply for a new Disclosure and Barring Service check for you.

The cost of the DBS check is £50 – please bring cash with you (we cannot accept credit or debit cards).

DBS assisted funding is available at the discretion of the management and can be discussed at the interview.

We will refund £25 after you have worked for us for 200 hours.

A list of all your previous employers with relevant dates since you left full-time education.

If you are a Nurse, we also need proof of your PIN Number and Statement of Entry.