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Moving and Handling

You must have undertaken a Moving and Handling Course within the last year. Ensure your Moving and Handling Certificate is up to date and a copy is given to your Manager for retention on your personal file. It is imperative that all Members adhere to good safe working practices at all times. Under the legislation, Members are accountable for their own actions. Any lifting equipment or aids that have been supplied must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Do not make any repairs or carry out maintenance work of any description to moving equipment. If a patient or resident is about to fall – control the fall and without taking all their weight, allow them to slide down your body and go with them to the floor. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HOLD THEM UP. Make the patient/resident comfortable and call for assistance.  

Principles of Safe Handling

  • Avoid lifting, use safe manual handling techniques or equipment where necessary
  • Assess: task, client/load, environment, equipment and the individual capability of the handler/s
  • Plan: the techniques to be used and follow the instructions to be used (Ready, Steady, Move)
  • Get help if necessary, do not struggle on your own
  • Explain to the client what you are about to do
  • Get in as close as possible to the client/load
  • Remember foot positions: offset feet, one foot pointing in the direction you are going to move
  • Relax knees
  • Use a proper hold
  • Avoid: twisting, top heavy bending, moving the object/client at arm’s length
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Techniques that should NOT be used

  • Drag lift
  • Orthodox lift
  • Canvas and poles, manual lift
  • Allowing the client to put their arms around your neck
  • Manually lifting clients from the floor
  • Australian lift
  • Bear hug, assisting the client from sitting to standing.

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