Healthcare Worker information

Conditions of Employment

General Rules of Conduct

The Company has rules to ensure appropriate standards of conduct and to protect the interest of its clients. These are in addition to the duty of Members to comply with the law.

  • It is forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or substances, e.g. glue, at any time at the start of a shift or whilst on duty.
  • Smoking on duty is forbidden. Please note if you smoke the smell remains on your clothing which many clients find offensive.
  • Under no circumstances should you accept any gifts, loans or gratuities from clients, relatives or other interested parties.
  • You are not permitted to act as a witness to the will of any patient/service user for whom you are providing or have provided care.
  • You are not permitted to give advice in relation to Wills, investments or financial matters generally.
  • You should arrive for duties at the requested time, and carry out your duties for the full time you have been allocated. If it is found that your attendance was not for the fully allotted time, the Company has the right to reduce your pay accordingly.
  • You must not agree to provide cover for a colleague or arrange your own cover unless you have spoken to and have the authorisation from your line Manager.

Client Complaints

The Company actively seeks the opinions and comments of Clients with regard to the suitability and professionalism of the services requested and supplied.

Members must recognise the Client’s rights to complain if they so wish. This should not be met with hostility but it is your role to explain carefully to a service user how best to make their complaint. The Company’s Service User Guide details information for Service Users on how to complain.

If you are the subject of a Client’s complaint it will be necessary to withdraw your services from that Client until necessary investigations are complete.

Serious complaints could mean that we cannot offer you any work while the investigation continues. As you only receive payment for work completed, you would not be entitled to any remuneration whilst your services are not being used.

We welcome feedback from all Care Dynamics Workers. If you feel that you have been involved in an incident or complaint, please contact your Branch Manager who will deal with this as per our Company Complaints procedure.

Removal from The Company’s Register

You may be removed from the Company’s register and not considered for further assignments within the Company if it is found that you have brought the Company into disrepute by:

  • Continual poor performance
  • Serious breach of safety rules / legislation potentially involving loss of life or limb, or injury to a patient or other person
  • Theft, fraud, dishonesty or corruption
  • Failure to declare criminal convictions
  • Continually failing to notify your Manager that you will not be attending a duty once you have accepted it
  • Flagrant failure to follow the company’s or the client’s documented Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Damage to the Client’s or the Company’s property or that of others
  • Any type of abuse
  • Disorderly or indecent conduct, fighting on Client’s or the Company’s premises or threatening physical violence
  • Acts of incitement or actual acts of discrimination on the grounds of sex, disability, race, religion, colour or ethnic origin, or any other contravention of the Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • Being on duty under the influence of drugs / substances or alcohol
  • Breaching rules of confidentiality concerning a patient or resident
  • Lending your ID badge to another person.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Your membership may be suspended while the circumstances of any complaint are investigated. You have the right to representation at any meeting to discuss the complaint.

In cases which may involve a criminal offence the matter may be referred to the police. In all cases the Client will be kept informed about any investigation.

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