Healthcare Worker information

Conditions of Employment


As a condition of your continued Membership with the Company you will be expected to undertake training to ensure that you carry out your duties in accordance with the current legislation.

You must ensure Manual Handling, Health & Safety, COSHH and RIDDOR and Fire Safety are updated annually. Where the assignment is with a Health Authority or NHS Trust you must also have received an induction in Lone Worker training, Handling of Violence and Aggression, Risk Incident Reporting and the Caldicott Protocols.

If you do not have up to date evidence of each of these courses, contact your Manager for details of their training programme as you must enrol on the next available course or the Company will not be able to offer you work.

Continual personal development is your responsibility and you should keep a portfolio of professional experience. All Members are responsible immediately at the start of their first shift to become familiar with local procedures relating to training and those relating to Crash Call Procedures, Hot Spot Mechanisms and fire procedures.


Your training and personal development needs will be reviewed at least every 6 months as part of the appraisal process by your Manager.

Any training needs will be discussed with you, how they will be met and the timescales within which any training will need to be taken. Outcomes will be agreed and a written record kept.

As part of our quality monitoring procedures, please be aware that clients will be contacted at random and asked fair and reasonable questions about you and your work.

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