Healthcare Worker information

Conditions of Employment

Timesheets and Fees

It is the nature of your work that you do not have normal hours of work or a normal place of work. You are paid on an hourly basis for the work you agree to do. For all assignments completed, you are required to submit properly signed timesheets to your Manager. These should be handed or delivered to the Care Dynamics Ltd office by the designated day of each week.

If you do not submit fully and correctly completed timesheets, payments for the hours worked may be delayed whilst those hours are independently verified. You will only be paid for the hours you have worked.

Due to the nature of the work there is not a designated interval stated on this website at which your remuneration will be paid. Instead, you will be paid after the designated day of the week on which you are to submit your timesheets as notified to you from time to time.

The timesheet must be completed with:

  • Your name
  • Client’s name and address
  • Date of each day worked
  • Start and finish time
  • Grade / qualification
  • Total worked hours for each day
  • Booking reference number (if applicable)
  • The mileage incurred for each day (certain areas only)
  • Your signature

The Client must sign alongside each completed duty and at the bottom of the completed timesheet. Members must not sign on behalf of Clients. This and any intentional claims for hours not worked, is fraud and will be treated as such.

Fees and Payment

Subject to the provisions on the timesheets above, you will be paid by the Company regardless of whether the Company itself receives payment for your services. Your rate of pay will be as notified to you from time to time, although the minimum rate of pay will not be less than the minimum wage applicable to you from time to time. You should not accept any payment directly from the Client.

However, in exceptional circumstances, with the prior authorisation of your Manager, this may happen. In these cases you must hand over the money in full and without delay to the office. Do not put money into your or anyone else’s bank account.

Any query relating to payment should be made to your office within four weeks for payment. If a payment is shown to have been incorrect the Company reserves the right to adjust future pay to compensate. If your bank or building society details change you should put the new details in writing to the Manager at the office. You must check with your Manager regarding payment of any expenses.

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