Healthcare Worker information

Conditions of Employment


It is Company Policy to offer all Members the opportunity to air any grievance they might have arising out of their working conditions and treatment generally.

If you have any difficulty or experience any interference in carrying out your work you should report this matter to your Manager.

In a vast majority of cases, matters can be resolved by informal discussion without entering into a grievance procedure and you are encouraged to take this route.

However, in cases where matters cannot be resolved, Members are encouraged to follow the Grievance Procedure and put their grievance in writing to the Manager who will carry out an investigation.

The outcome will be communicated to you. If, however, you wish to have your grievance heard by someone independent of the Company, you are free to approach any arbitration body or your Local Authority.

Whistle Blowing

This means the disclosure to authority of misdemeanours on the part of colleagues or members of other organisations. If acting in good faith, any Member would be expected by the Company to report any misdemeanours or malpractice whether one-off or ongoing.

Misdemeanours or malpractice include:

  • A criminal offence
  • Failure to comply with a legal obligation
  • Falsifying records
  • Endangering someone’s health and safety
  • Any type of abuse
  • or concealment of any of the above.

You should report any misdemeanours or malpractice to:

Your Manager to raise the matter internally – this line of reporting is preferable and is at the heart of the Public Disclosure Act Or to the Local Authority and Care Quality Commission if the alleged malpractice concerns a Director or Company as a whole.

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